The Complete Closer™

Someone who can actually help you with Remote Sales.

Not the diluted guru.
Not the theory coach.
Not the guarantor of placements.

Just a man from Singapore.
Who closed, set, and wrote copy for a living.

I started with nothing and made it work.

Now it's your turn.

My eBook Closer Secrets™ will show you the way.

Study, serve, and pay it forward.

There's no greater gift than becoming Complete...
And your journey starts now.

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Sean Sena ✪ The Complete Closer

Sean Sena is a Remote Closer, Mindset Coach and Business Strategist. A professional Jeet Kune Do Instructor, former national athlete and lifelong practitioner of the Master Key System, Sena blends a tough-minded business discipline, strategic thinking and a keen understanding of the higher principles that shape our lives to devise winning solutions for businesses worldwide.