The Complete Closer™

The One Dimensional Closer is obsolete.

If the plan is to simply take a course...

Join all the groups
Haphazardly network & wait for placements
DM business owners then get ghosted...

Then, are we being Closers?

And if the coaches we've invested in
Can't help, demonstrate or answer us...
The teams we join aren't ready to scale...

We're back to square one.

But what if we had a different strategy?
With a high-value personal brand
That allows us to establish our own pipelines

We become independent and self-sufficient.

This is the Way of the Complete Closer™.
The path to a successful and lucrative career.

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If you have a skill, expertise or gift...
You've been honing it for years
Perhaps, under somebody else's brand?

It's time to step out.

To have an identity you can call your own.

You see...
Somewhere out there,
There's a similar version of you.

But he/she is 3 to 5 years younger.
3 to 5 years behind.
3 to 5 years less experienced.

And the bridges you've crossed...
The battles you've won...
The lessons you've learnt...

Are what they absolutely need right now.

If you can put your mastery together...
Monetize and organize it into a solution...

It can absolutely impact their lives.

LAUNCH™ is my signature 3 Day Challenge,
Where you'll turn skills into income.

From knowhow to confidence to implementation...
I've got your back —every step of the way.

 The Complete Collection

Here are all the programs I have to offer.
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• Inbound Closing™ •

• Sales Via Chat™ •

• The 5K Challenge™ •

 Convo Closer™ •

 Closer Brand™ •







• Wall of Wins •

 The Life You want...

Sean Sena ✪ The Complete Closer

Sean Sena is a Remote Closer, Mindset Coach and Business Strategist. A professional Jeet Kune Do Instructor, former national athlete and lifelong practitioner of the Master Key System, Sena blends a tough-minded business discipline, strategic thinking and a keen understanding of the higher principles that shape our lives to devise winning solutions for businesses worldwide.