Mastermind. Group programs. Courses.

Some are free, some paid.

When we go through those?

I find that the “How” are more or less the same...

Step into a new identity
Big domino statement
Raise your energy
Ideal client avatar
Irresistible Offer
Find where your audience congregates

I could go on forever.

For someone who’s determined and focused
There’s no stopping us from finding all these “How”s

And putting it all together.

You know what I really think?

I think you’ve long had access to all these information.

In fact, you’ve probably invested thousands in several of these programs.

But here’s the twist—

Do you feel that accumulating more and more
More and more and more
More and more and more

It’s not actually moving your business forward?

What I will bring with this intensive is going to be slightly different.

We’re going to go a little bit deeper.

Because I believe:

It's fundamentally about your "Why".

Why your method?

Why now?

Why you?

That's where the Close Method shifts the game for you.

It's a clarion call to alignment.

Perhaps the one you feel has been the real shift you need…

But couldn’t quite articulate it.

To strip back
To refine
To align

It’s about building your business

Not on the sands of trends,

But on the bedrock of what’s ALIGNED for you and your lifestyle.

It’s time to diverge away from the noise.
It’s time to find simplicity in the chaos.

This Intensive…

It's your roadmap to a Lifestyle-Aligned Business.

No more chasing.
No more comparing.

Just you, your gift,
And a path carved in clarity.

That’s my promise to you.
 the close method™
The CLOSE Method stands as my flagship 5-Day Intensive,
sculpted to forge your Lifestyle-Aligned Business (LAB).

Crafted from a deep-seated desire to arm you with essential needle movers,
it's more than just a method; it's a belief in your untapped potential.

You possess a unique Gift.

Within you, thrives a 6-Figure Business, yearning for release.
Alignment, I've discovered, is not just key—it's everything.
CLOSE is the conduit through which I'll channel this belief into reality.

Across a transformative five days...

We'll architect your LAB, brick by brick, strategy by strategy.
No more aimless wandering. It's time for focused, decisive action.


Day 1: Clarity
Before you get busy with all the tech stuff...
Take a moment to think.

Where are you going?
What's the purpose of all these?

Is always — your Vision.

That's the foundation of your entire success.

Do you understand yourself?
Day 2: Leadership
Are you leading your business,
Or is it leading you?

ALL leadership starts with self leadership.
Self leadership is Inner and Outer Victory.

Your entire business is a reflection of its leader: you.

You lead your team, clients and audience.
They look to you as their leader.

And if you can't lead yourself?
Everything falls apart.
Day 3: Offer
Your offer is your Gift.
It's your vehicle to a successful Lifestyle Aligned Business.

It's how you'll impact your clients and transform them.
It's how you'll hit your revenue goals.

Yet how is your offer going to be designed?
Was it created for the sake of being created?

Or does it come from a higher purpose?

Why is your offer the best solution for your clients?
Master your offer, master your results.
Day 4: Sales
Eventually you'll hire salespeople.

But before you do?
You'll need to be at least "decent" at setting and closing.

And no, you don't have to hustle for volume.
You don't have to play games with your prospects.

You can just be you.
You can sell at your own pace.

In fact, if you learn how to do this right...
Your clients will be the one selling themselves.
Day 5: Edge
If you are a "X Coach", there are probably thousands more.

What makes you different?

And why does that difference PULL your clients inbound?

Solopreneurs or LEAN business owners don't chase.
We simply don't have that capacity.

But once you understand your Edge...

You won't just have a unique, lucrative X Factor...
You become the BEST and ONLY solution for your clients.


CLOSE was created for one purpose.

To take you from DIGITAL OVERLOAD

Simplicity means you can now trust yourself.

Everywhere we turn, there's:

A new strategy to learn.
A groundbreaking method to master.
An overwhelming surge of digital noise.

The only way to cut through that clutter
And achieve Simplicity in our business

It's not to do it all.
It's not to chase, compete or compare.
It's not the relentless pursuit of "the next thing".

Losing ourselves this way is the surest way to burnout.
Size and scale don't equal success.

It's to understand and achieve what Alignment means:
For You.

Now you can have:

A business model that's LEAN, profitable, and efficient.
A life that's balanced, ZEN, and fulfilling.
Above all, ALIGNMENT in every facet of your existence.

When you embody your authentic self, entirely?

That's the real victory.

Your victory.
1. Yes, replays will be accessible. For life.
2. You retain lifetime access to this program AND all future updates.
3. You are protected by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. No questions asked.
If you've asked for a sign...
Let this be your answer.

So many entrepreneurs get stuck for years,
And never find their way out.

MORE isn't sexy anymore.

If these 5 days can get you to your goals...
How much would it be worth?
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*The CLOSE Method™ Intensive is structured as a 5-day program.

Upon registering for The CLOSE Method™ Intensive,
You'll have a 14-day risk-free period to explore the workshop content,
Ensuring it aligns perfectly with your expectations and goals.

During this time,
You'll enjoy full access to the program and any live sessions scheduled.

If you discover that the program is precisely what you want, great!
We're thrilled to have you continue on this transformative journey with us.

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