The Age of the Complete Closer™ is here.

When everyone else is able to do an online course,
join Facebook Groups and pitch business owners...

How will we be different?

A Complete Closer™ insures his own success.

In fact, he doesn't ever rely on uncertain variables. Why?

He's independently able to:

1. Stand out with a unique brand.
2. Land qualified offers at will.
3. Book high-quality sales calls
4. Consistently close and hit his income goals

He's self-sufficient.

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The typical aspiring Closer:

1. Invests tens of thousands into 'Closer Programs'.
2. They've taken loans.
3. They've been promised placements.

But when that doesn't happen...
Or they fail to hit KPIS...

They realize that they have been taken for a ride.

Don't let that happen to you!

The 3K Challenge™ • $97
Unique Closer Brand™ • $250
Convo Closer™ • $197
Closer Confidence™ • $197
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Sean Sena's Tribe of Closers

Sean Sena  The Strategic Closer™

Sean Sena is a Remote Closer, Mindset Coach and Business Strategist. A professional Jeet Kune Do Instructor, former national athlete and lifelong practitioner of the Master Key System, Sena blends a tough-minded business discipline, strategic thinking and a keen understanding of the higher principles that shape our lives to devise winning solutions for businesses worldwide.