Looking to more close high-ticket sales?

It's not enough just to "do a course",
Then wait for opportunities...
That's being one dimensional.

If you want to succeed at this game...
It's important to complete your skillset.

This is why I created The Complete Closer™.

The Complete Closer™ is independent.

That means he:

1. Has a unique, substance-first brand.
2. Is able to land qualified opportunities on his own.
3. Fills his own pipeline by booking calls via chat.
4. Closes consistently all year round.

Want to learn how to become Complete™?
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 Start with the right strategy
Stuck in Research / Practice / Waiting mode for months?

That can be frustrating.

What if you had the right strategy to begin with?

You would know exactly what to do...
And how to win at this game.

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The 3K Challenge™ • $97
Unique Closer Brand™ • $250
Convo Closer™ • $197
Closer Confidence™ • $197
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Sean Sena's Tribe of Closers

Sean Sena  The COMPLETE Closer™

Sean Sena is a Remote Closer, Mindset Coach and Business Strategist. A professional Jeet Kune Do Instructor, former national athlete and lifelong practitioner of the Master Key System, Sena blends a tough-minded business discipline, strategic thinking and a keen understanding of the higher principles that shape our lives to devise winning solutions for businesses worldwide.