Free Training: How To Become A 6 Figure Closer
The "one-dimensional closer" is obsolete.

If you thought we could just do a course...
Watch videos & roleplay...
Find job boards to apply...

Established businesses would then hand us leads?
You have been misled.

Remote Closing is an industry that demands trust.

These aren't built with a "part-time" mentality.
They're forged with grit and intelligence.

This is now the Age of the Complete Closer™.

From his Brand, to Strategy, to Skills...
He is self-sufficient.

Want to become a Complete Closer™?
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 Burnt Out by the 9:5?
How many times has the Universe nudged you?

To stop hustling for someone else.
To build something you can be proud of.
To take full responsibility for your finances.

Initiate that change.

Otherwise, that nudge will become a wake up call.

Take some time to study my work today.
And whenever you're ready, reach out.
Don't waste time with diluted gurus or paper coaches.

Speak to fellow remote closers and get help.
We have no sales pitches, no upsells, none of that.
It's my promise to you.

But you have to promise yourself something too:
Dig deep, and make a decision for yourself.

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You're not alone!

I've built a community of Closers on similar paths.

Here is a safe space for sales opportunities,
Live training sessions,
as well as a platform for you to grow and advance.
Sean Sena's Tribe of Closers

Sean Sena  The Strategic Closer™

Sean Sena is a Remote Closer, Mindset Coach and Business Strategist. A professional Jeet Kune Do Instructor, former national athlete and lifelong practitioner of the Master Key System, Sena blends a tough-minded business discipline, strategic thinking and a keen understanding of the higher principles that shape our lives to devise winning solutions for businesses worldwide.