close for your dream offer!
✪ the Unique Closer Brand™
The secret key to distinguishing yourself, filtering away unqualified opportunities and attracting the BEST offers to close for!
Why are qualified Influencers reaching out?
Bear in mind...

This was when I had no experience.

They come to me inbound:

With a strong lead flow ✔️
Consistent call bookings ✔️
Verified client results ✔️

It's what every Closer wants.


I did NOT ❌ have to waste time in FB Groups.
I did NOT ❌ have to deal with weird teams.
I did NOT ❌ have to send out 500 applications.

Most sales coaches will teach you to:

"Network & add value"
"Join all the FB Groups"
"Be creative & think"

But the truth is...

Those are irresponsible & impractical advice.

🤺 To rise above the generic closers...
🤺 To filter away unqualified teams...
🤺 And to find the BEST offers to close for...

We need to establish the following pillars:
Most Closers think:

"I just need a resume."
"Send out 500 applications."
"Add value bro."

There's nothing wrong...
Except that everyone does it!

Therefore, if you do it too...
You'll be buried deep.

A Brand distinguishes you.

Want the best offers?
Your Brand is your guarantee.

Landing an offer is one thing.

Moving up the learning curve
Consistent performance
Hitting KPIs

Is a whole different ball game!
Delivery is also part of brand.

If we don't deliver...
Our brand becomes a shell.

Building substance is key.

Back your brand up.
Deliver what you promise.
Now that we have results...

Understand them
Document them
Inject them into your Brand.

This is how we cycle upwards
And join next-level teams!

By advancing our portfolio...
We advance our income.

Challenge yourself.

Close for different niches...
And Dominate the game!
✪ The Unique Closer Brand™ Masterclass
You'll have lifetime access to our core Unique Closer Brand™ training, as well as all future updates! This is a step-by-step masterclass that teaches you how to: establish a brand that distinguishes you as an A Grade Closer, filter away unqualified teams and attract the best offers to close for. What's the value of being able to land a lucrative offer at will? I think you know the answer.
✪ complete step-by-step implementation process
Most programs lack the step-by-step DEMONSTRATION on how to actually do this. My intention in creating this is to give every Closer the proven principles, strategies AND specific action steps that my students and I have used to get our results. This is NOT a theory program; it is implementation-based and if you follow through accordingly, you'll land your dream influencer too.
✪ interview secrets™ & kpi mastery™
After we land our ideal offer, the game begins. That's where we have to consistently deliver results, or we're replaced! To ensure that you'll always be able to secure qualified offers AND hit KPIs successfully, I've included Interview Secrets™ and KPI Mastery™, which will impart to you the systems and methods that bring you unrivalled discipline, focus and confidence to hit your income goals.
with a unique closer brand
 we become self-sufficient closers
and achieve remote independence!
If All This Did Was Grant Us The Ability To
Land Qualified Offers at will,
Forge a Unique Closer Brand™ and Join our Dream Sales Team,
So That We Can consistently close 4-5+ figures every month...

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