Isn't it frustrating to buy ALL the closer programs... and still have NO Influencer?
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the influencer attraction system™
a 3-hour masterclass on how to attract your ideal influencer
My Signature Masterclass Designed To Help You Attract Your DREAM Influencer, Forge Your Unique Brand And Message, And Bulletproof Your Closing Skills!
In order to attract a qualified influencer that's ideal for you, you can't be doing what all the other closers are doing.
You need to secure the following three pillars...
If you already have the SKILLS but don't how how to brand and differentiate yourself, THIS is the Masterclass that will help you get that dialed in.

With your own Unique Selling Brand™, you'll instantly RISE ABOVE all the closers that aren't able to stand out from the masses.
There's NO NEED to waste time orbiting around Influencers, commenting 'interested' and cracking your head on what content to post every day.

By adopting the Unforgettable Content Creation™ Method, you'll have Influencers coming into YOUR pipeline inviting you to join their sales teams.
3. ACE
It's not enough just to ace interviews and get your foot in the door... If you don't perform consistently, you're just as easily replaced.

Use the Star Closer Formula™ and become the top performer on your team - it will be impossible to replace you!
Here's what we will cover...
What makes you RISE ABOVE as a Closer? What makes you unforgettable and irreplaceable? The answer lies within how you build substance, express yourself and show up with energy, inspiration and results every day. Most closers are content with being generic, but not us. Learn how to STAND OUT and WIN! Having your own Unique Selling Brand™ is half the battle won.
attract ideal and qualified influencers
NO MORE unqualified teams and having to do labor unrelated to closing. Learn how to attract only the best Influencers, get your foot in the door and eventually be a part of your dream sales team. Even if you have no experience, there is still a proven formula to succeed. Let the other closers chase - you attract and close using the Unforgettable Content Creation™ Method.
ace interviews and become the star closer
It's not enough just to pass interviews and join teams. If you don't perform, you're just as easily replaced. Learn how to build unrivalled levels of focus, discipline and energy levels required for you to consistently perform at your very best every day and close your way to 6 figures! With our Star Closer Formula™, you'll never have to worry about being replaced ever again.
Once you master the formula of ascend + attract + ace... you will finally become a self-sufficient closer who will have no problems landing sales opportunities forever!
If All This Did Was Grant You The Ability To
Attract Your Ideal Influencer at will,
Build Your Unique Selling Brand and Join Your DREAM Sales Team,
So That You Can consistently close 4-5+ figures every month...

...How Much Would It Be Worth?
limited time offer: $97 one payment
Important: read the disclaimers before you INVEST!
Dear Closer,


There will be a lot of inner and outer work to be done.

Before you invest in this masterclass... Take a moment to decide what you really want. Don't let this be a repeat of all the past programs that you have purchased. If you really want to "succeed" as a Closer, consistently hit 4-5+ figure months and do this as a legit full-time career—be willing to make the sacrifice. DROP that "easy internet money" mentality. Follow my methods and give this masterclass your 100%.

See, I can teach you all the "how"s... But don't buy this masterclass unless you are going to execute fearlessly and consistently on what I'm about to teach you. Do we have a deal?

Sean Sena
You Are Protected Only By My Very Conditional Money Back Guarantee.
DISCLAIMER: Like I said... DON'T buy this masterclass unless you trust in my methods and are willing to commit 100% to them. There are tons of Closer Programs out there for you to try. But DON'T buy mine unless you are prepared to play full out. In the event where you still buy this and then want a refund, sure - show us proof of doing every single module and homework in this masterclass. If you DID EVERYTHING this masterclass instructed and are still unhappy with the results, I'll happily give you a refund (within 21 days). Deal?
DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated above are my personal sales figures. The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. I’m using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors …including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you're not willing to accept that, please DO NOT GET OUR INFORMATION.
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