The 3 Day Launch Challenge™
by Sean Sena
Learn. Lead. Launch.
LAUNCH™ was created for a simple purpose.

In 3 days (it's free—with an optional VIP upgrade),
We'll turn your expertise into your first paid program/offer. 

Whether you're a teacher, coach, or educator,
LAUNCH™ will guide you step-by-step to create, launch,
and sell your online course with confidence.
I'm ready to launch my first paid program/offer.
I'll get to the point.
LAUNCH™ is about keeping it RAW.
The real reason you have all that skill but haven't launched
probably isn't because you didn't know "how".
On the contrary, I think you're smart enough to do most of it.
I actually think you might have TOO MANY "how"s...
It bogged you down.
Analysis paralysis.
Preparing to prepare.
Time wasted on bells & whistles.
And before you know it...
SO MUCH TIME had passed.
The launch never happened, did it?
This is WHY LAUNCH™ has to be RAW.
Real Recognizes Real. People can't relate to high-level gurus anymore. They want the real thing now. Your clients want the real you. To walk the bridges you've crossed. To study the battles you've won. To absorb the lessons you've learned. Show the most RAW and REAL side of you.
Be YOU. Launching your own business is tough. But it's also liberating. Because you shouldn't have to be someone else. There's no need to compare. There's no need to BE PERFECT. Strip away the bells & whistles. Show your audience who you authentically are.
 Well Thought
Focus On Your Clients. People want you REAL and AUTHENTIC substance. Not the perfectionist, procrastinating you. RAW helps you implement fast because it's focused on your clients' success. As long as your clients win, you win.
 Day 1: Your Signature Offer
Too many teachers, coaches, and experts struggle to implement because they’re overwhelmed by tech, bells, and whistles, or waiting for perfection. The real cause is the overwhelm, fear, and self-doubt. This session will solve that problem once and for all. Step into your identity as a CONFIDENT CEO and enjoy the income from a thriving business. Learn to craft a signature offer that truly represents your expertise and meets the needs of your audience.
 Day 2: Your Signature Presentation
No, you do not need a logo, website, funnels, ads, eBook, or written book. These distractions make you feel productive but don’t move your business forward. All you need is a BAREBONES WEBINAR™. I’ll teach you how to put an audience together, make a “no-brainer” low ticket offer (before we even create it), and sell it successfully, thus validating it and laying a bulletproof foundation for your online business. Master your presentation skills to effectively communicate the value of your signature offer.
 Day 3: Your Signature Container
Remember, LAUNCH™ is all about keeping things simple and executable. Your BAREBONES WEBINAR™ validates your expertise, showing your audience is willing to pay for what you’re teaching. This sets the stage for something bigger—your first $20K month. We achieve this by stretching your successful webinar into a LEAN LAUNCH™, enrolling clients into your first signature high ticket offer. Learn how to create a container that supports and nurtures your clients, ensuring their success and your ongoing revenue.
 About LAUNCH™
The last few programs you've invested in probably gave you too much.
That's why you weren't able to implement, despite all that value
With LAUNCH™, we're going in the complete opposite direction.
We'll implement fast, hit where it counts, strip away all distractions, and focus and WIN.
LAUNCH™ now, and you'll never have to think "What If?" again ;)
Is this going to be LIVE?
Yes, on May 28, 29, and 30 initially. Then it becomes an evergreen Challenge Program that we'll continue to refine and update!
What's the investment?
The 3-Day LAUNCH™ Challenge is completely free. There's an optional upgrade to the VIP Experience for personalized implementation support by Sean.
How long will each day be?
60 minutes + homework, implementation, and accountability.
Will I have access to the replays?
The replays will be stored inside our LAUNCH™ Facebook Group. VIPs will have access to the replays, tools, bonuses, and implementation support.
Will this work for me?
If you have a skill, a craft, or a set of experience that's ready to be monetized online, YES. I will help you find your message, audience, and offer.
What happens after I sign up?
After you register, make sure you're inside our LAUNCH™ Facebook Group. Show up LIVE / study the Replay Modules, then EXECUTE according to what I've taught.
How is this different from other programs?
I created this because I know that what's out there is overwhelming, gives us a ton of things we don't need, and jams our implementation. LAUNCH™ is designed to bring you a realistic, no-frills, and down-to-earth experience. This is how you can achieve the confidence and know-how to implement and win!
How much access do I have to Sean?
The video contents for all 3 days are free. If you'd prefer for Sean to implement LAUNCH™ with you, enroll in the VIP Experience. He'll personally be guiding you from start to fruition for your online business.

 What Our Clients Have To Say

Sean Sena, a Business Strategist and the creator of The Complete CEO™, specializes in high-ticket sales, content creation, and personal branding. Drawing from his background as a third-generation Bruce Lee student and former national fencer, Sean blends the discipline of martial arts with strategic business acumen. A dedicated practitioner of the Master Key System, he focuses on empowering online coaches and entrepreneurs to create lifestyle-aligned online businesses. His approach demystifies the complexities of digital marketing, guiding clients globally towards success through simplicity and balance.