LEAN & ZEN: The Book
If the goal is to have a Lifestyle-Aligned Business...
Yet you're secretly drowning in "digital chaos"?

Thinking how you can start
What your Gift truly is
And how you can put it all together...

My newest book might have some answers.

Through Alignment, Simplicity and Balance...

You can cut through all your obstacles.
You can succeed.

Ready to win?
LEAN & ZEN: The Method
Once you've found your Gift...

The CLOSE Method™ is how you can turn it into a 6 figure offer.


Five game-changing pillars.
One mission: to forge your Lifestyle-Aligned Business.

Your empire awaits.
LEAN & ZEN: The Intensive
Existing business owner?

Accumulated every strategy and technique...
But frustrated because you can't figure the essence out?

5 days of intense focus with me
Might completely change the game for you.


The Close Intensive™ empowers you with the keys
To turn all that hustle into harmony.

Is it time to conquer?
LEAN & ZEN: The System
Solopreneur at the helm?

Burnt out from wearing all the hats...
And can't crack the inbound client acquisition code?

A day with "The Closer's Edge"
Could be the solution you've been seeking.

EDGE integrates your Marketing and Sales,
So you achieve your own farm of ideal customers.

No more chasing, no more burnout.

Success is yours — systemized and simplified.
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Sean Sena ✪ LEAN & ZEN

Sean Sena, a Business Strategist and the creator of LEAN & ZEN, specializes in high-ticket sales, content creation, and personal branding. Drawing from his background as a third-generation Bruce Lee student and former national fencer, Sean blends the discipline of martial arts with strategic business acumen. A dedicated practitioner of the Master Key System, he focuses on empowering online coaches and entrepreneurs to create lifestyle-aligned online businesses. His approach demystifies the complexities of digital marketing, guiding clients globally towards success through simplicity and balance.